Quick Summary

  • Your data is your data - We don't retrieve it, and can't look at it
  • Unlike some other Exchange/Outlook apps, the app makes connections directly to your server. There is NO intermediary server of ours involved. Your credentials are not stored outside of your device, and your data does NOT go through our server. 

Explanation of Requested Permissions on your Android Device

Given below is an explanation for why some of the permissions that enable access to your phone data are requested. None of this data is retrieved, stored, or viewed by us, and is only used to support your actions in the app on your phone. 

  • Accounts: Permission to read and write accounts is requested so MailCal can setup an account on your phone for your email connection. It is under this account that it stores its Calendar and Contacts data. 
  • Contacts: Permission to read and add contacts is requested so MailCal can use this information when contact actions (sending of emails) are taken, or when contacts are viewed within the MailCal app
  • Phone Dialer: Permission to access is requested so it can support the actions when you click on a phone number within the app
  • Documents: Permission to access documents is requested so it can support Attachment actions (saving and adding). 

Crash and Error Reporting

MailCal uses a Google provided service to report errors and crashes. No personal data is included in such error reports and it only includes specifics of the application code that were involved in an error or crash. You can disable this automatic error and usage reporting by going to Settings -> Help -> Advanced -> Automatic Bug Reports