What is Diagnostics Mode

Diagnostics Mode is a setting in the MailCal app that enables the automatic collection and upload of application logs. This is helpful when a user encounters an issue in the app and wants help from MailCal support in resolving the issue. 

How to Enable Diagnostics Mode

Diagnostics Mode can be enabled from two places: 

  • During the initial setup
  • After initial setup is complete and application is in use

Unless explicitly advised by the Support team, enabling the Diagnostics mode from "Settings" screen after the app setup is complete is fine. Please follow these steps to enable it: 

  1. Go to Settings -> Advanced
  2. Click on Diagnostic Mode and select to enable it. You will be prompted for a passcode. Provide your email address in the passcode field.
  3. Continue using the app normally. 
  4. Once the Diagnostic Mode is enabled, perform the operation that you are having trouble with (for example, failure in opening a screen). If the issue is a background operation (such as sync issues), please ensure that you leave the Diagnostic mode on for enough duration for that operation to occur. 
  5. Disable the diagnostic mode after a few hours or after a day. 
  6. Send an email to support team advising them of the approximate time when you enabled the diagnostic mode and performed the operation that you are trying to fix, and also provide the email address that you used as a passcode for diagnostic mode so the logs can be looked up by your email address. 

Is Any Personal Information collected in Diagnostic Logs?

Absolutely Not! Diagnostic Mode strictly focuses on collecting application code logs and error descriptions and doesn't capture any user or mailbox information (other than the email address of the configured account so the logs can be identified).