If you are not receiving new mail notifications, it could for one of multiple reasons. The steps below will help you identify your scenario so an appropriate solution can be prescribed to you. Please note that new mail notification are only triggered if you are not already in the app and viewing your email. So when performing the following tests, make sure that you are not in the application already. 

Identifying the Reason for not getting new mail notification

Step A: Prepare Settings

  1. Temporarily set sync frequency to one minute. This is only for testing purpose and you can revert to original value after the test. Go to Settings -> Global -> Sync Schedule Settings, and then set both PEAK and OFF PEAK frequency to one minute. 
  2. Go to Settings -> Global -> Notification Settings and ensure that Notification for new Emails is set to 'Always', and New Mail Notification is set to Sound, LED and Vibrate. Also ensure that notification sound is set to a valid sound file by opening the notification sound setting and playing the selected sound. 
  3. Now go to Settings -> Account -> Folder Configuration, and ensure that the setting labeled 'Folders with Notification' has 'Inbox' or All Folders selected for notifications. 

Step B: Send Test Emails

  1. Send yourself 2-3 emails from a different email acount (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc).  
  2. Wait for a few minutes (3-5) minutes. Make sure MailCal is not open during this time. 
  3. If you get the notification, great, if you don't get the notification after a few minutes, open MailCal
  4. Identify whether MailCal has already fetched the email you were supposed to received. If you have the new emails in MailCal, but did not receive notification, this means that it really is a notification problem. Please let the developer know that it was B-4 problem.
  5. If you don't even have the new emails from MailCal, it means that there was no notification because new email was not fetched. Note down the last refresh date that is shown at the bottom. Is this date newer than when you sent these emails. If it is, it shows that MailCal did a background sync and yet new emails were not fetched. Swipe down email list to issue a manual refresh. If on manual refresh new emails appear, this may be a symptom that for your account, MailCal is only able to fetch new emails manually, and not automatically when it runs on schedule. Such problems are caused by a server limitation and MailCal settings have a workaround. Please report this as problem b-5 to the developer and we'll advise you on what to do next. 

Step C: Revert Test Settings

  1. Once you are done with the test, you can revert the settings to what  you had them before the test.